Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And so the NEW semester starts

Yes, and so the new semester starts.Will be doing a posting called 'Research and Evidence Based Medicine' or in short 'REBM'.
I quote from my course handout:

'It is crucial and indeed critical for future doctors to be trained in Evidence Based Medicine and how to apply it in daily practice.Many universities neglect this topic, some do not even teach it formally at the post graduate level.Clinical epidemiology is the basis of Evidence Based Medicine, a mantra repeated by many,understood by a few and practice by very few'.

Learning on how to think (critically, laterally and creatively) are essential in a doctor's life.We wudn't want to be duped by the drugs rep when we work later.We need to be able to critically appraise medical journal which are needed to know which facts are fake, which facts are true.Critical and analytical mind plays vital role in the success in this field.

This course will only be for 4 weeks, in which I will b sitting an internationally recognised exam in order to obtain 'Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certificate'.Passing this test will mean that I'll be an internationally accredited as a researcher in medicine( so I was told.I wasnt interested yet upon hearing this).I will b able to conduct experiments using humans!(Now I'm all hyped up!Conducting tests with humans, how cool is that!!!)This course are usually offered at post graduate level but I am indeed lucky to sit this test during my undergrad.It is indeed expensive to sit for this test if u r an independent candidate,probably need to pay a few thousand RM.I dont need to pay a single cent.Now how cool is that.I hope and I will try my best to pass the test.

REBM looks challenging.

ps: I didnt know until about few days ago that there actually people who consistently, diligently read my blog.Looks like I have to take blogging a little bit more serious.yeah?

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