Thursday, July 23, 2009

Critical appraisal

My groupmates and I are currently doing critical appraisal on a medical journal.The title is

'Effect of long-acting Nifedipine on mortality and cardiovascular morbidity in patients with stable angina requiring treatmet (ACTION trial): randomized clinical trial'

Doing clinical appraisal is not an easy task.Now is the time to apply all the knowledge and thats when then the problem comes.
I'm tired and I juz wanna sleep.

edited at 9.15pm today.

This posting is good coz one of its main objective is to ensure u on how to critically appraise a journal so that u wont be duped by a short-wearing skirt drug representative,promoting their drugs later when you work as a doctor.Sadly, there are significant numbers of doctors out there who are clueless/confused about evidence based medicine, therefore become prey for drug companies.
I didnt know that there are a lot of types of medical journals out there .eg diagnostic,prognostic,therapeutic etc.Tomorrow is exam.byebye.

p/s: The Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certificate exam is next week.comon bebeh, nak jadi certifified medical researcher.

p/s2: many technical terms involved

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Anonymous said...

tsk tsk. so you really think no one will notice that you just ripped off this blog title and description??!