Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surgery posting: Day 3

I did a procedure called "Per rectal (PR) examination" today.PR is actually a procedure where you insert your finger into the anus of your patient.It gives a wealth of information which helps in diagnosis and assess the patient's condition. You can say that I was lucky as I already had the opportunity to perform this procedure on my third day of posting.haha.Thanks to Dr Najma.Sungguh baik hati kerana mempercayai dgn skill saya yang tak seberapa ni.
Had my first TBL (Task based learning) session today with Dr Ahmed Ali..We discussed about a topic regarding 'Breast lump" . The session began with a lengthy presentation by Azrul and Benjow .It started off by doing some revision of our preclinicals knowledge about the types, the staging etc of breast tumour.Then we proceed to the signs and symptoms, risk factors, invstigation, diagnosis( triple assessment involving examination, imaging and cytology) and ultimately the physical examination of the breast.Seriously, didn't know that a proper and complete breast examination is that complex.
I clerked a few new patients today and presented my case to the doctor.Ward rounds? of course.Tomorrow I am going to follow my patient with left inguinal hernia to the OT.I am going to take him as my first Long case presentation.

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