Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Short form

In Malaysia, we are flooded with many unauthorized, self-invented short forms.There are many reasons of inventing these short forms.First, it is easier to write notes or jot down something really fast when we have short forms.Second, medical terms can be sometime become a tongue twister, especially when they are combined with few other medical jargons.Below are the short forms that I have learned so far during my Surgery posting.Correct me if I'm wrong, or you have anything to add.

TCA-To come again

AOI-At own risk

TDS- 3 times per day

BDS- Twice daily

Stat - Immediately

PRN - Only when necessary

Imp- impression

These short forms are usually used in writing notes during clerking patients, or being used in any forms that need to be written down by the nurses or doctors.

OGDS- Oesophagogastroduedenoscopy ( try to say it 10 times continuously.haha)

ERCP - Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography

IND - Incision and Drainage

SNC- Suction and Curettage

DNC-Dilatation and curettage

In order to pronounce these words correctly, you have to be relax, take a deep breath and say it one syllable at a time.But, it is quite impossible to do that when you have to present in front of the Specialists, who are known to be bombarding you with lost of questions.Tak habis ckp lagi dah tanye next question.

What did I did today:

1) Ward rounds, clerk patients, do physical examination, prepare my short cases which I have to present this Friday to Dr ( Mr) Al-Amin.
Note: When a person is a surgeon, please do not call him/her 'Dr'.Instead, if he is a gentleman, call him 'Mr' or if she is a lady, call her 'Miss'.Pelikkan? Dah susah susah jadi Dr, tetibe nk kena panggil Mr and Miss balik.

2) Do Rectal examination on my long case patient in order to complete my abdominal examination

3) Perform ECG on a patient

4) Observe OGDS

5)Observe Colonoscopy with Punch biopsy

6) Observe insertion of Central Venous Pressure line (using Seldinger technique)

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Shawa said...

HAHA ...tell me about the short forms and medical jargons. they all twist not only my tongue but also my brain....KEeep UP!

I think im starting to get wrinkles after having to concentrate too much on the words just to get the pronounciation right.