Monday, September 1, 2008

Conserving energy mode

Can somebody teach me on how to conserve energy?I so really need this skill. Can I just put my body on Standby mode while in the OT (operation theatre)? Can I put my body to Hibernate mode during lunch break?

Here's what gonna happened tomorrow

- Bed-side teaching at 7.30am.Lambat seminit Prof takmau sign attendance! Must present a few short cases.Huu..

- Have to srub in the OT.Later kalau sempat pergi Surgical clinics pulak.

-Afternoon: Now its Ramadahan so I plan to use the break to actually take a nap in the surau tingkat lima of Hosp Putrajaya hehe

- Later that afternoon, pergi ke wards and clerk a few patients.I need to select one of them for my Long case.Not forgeting the physical examination and the rectal examination!I need a chaperon because I really hope that I will get a thyroid case this week.Woman are the ones who usually have abnormal thyroid condition!

-Malam: On-call! I really want to Terawikh coz now its Ramadhan.I really love Ramadhan. I think I'll just do my terawikh alone at home.Sigh...

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.layla tumaisuri. said...

u know what, i had missed the 1st terawikh at masjid also! sgtla nak solat kat masjid kuning baru KD tuh. haha..
Ramadhan Kareen nabil.
gud luck in everything!