Friday, September 12, 2008

The absurdity of life

I've just completed my 5th weekof Surgery posting.Frankly speaking, I like surgery.I can see myself as a surgeon one day.God willing,if I am destined to become one...I am really not that surprise.A friend of mine said that there is a theory that we medical students will fall in love to our first posting in our clinical years( Surgery in my case) and will tend to like it more than the other postings and eventually will become specialist in that area.I leave that to you dear readers for your own thoughts.

Fast and efficient is the word for surgery.As a medical student, aggressiveness is an important asset!We cant afford to be left behind coz nobody will wait for you.Never ever wait for invitation.Make your own initiative.

I've presented my fourth Long case write up today and yet I have just received an sms from the coordinator saying that we need to prepare and present our long case by next wednesday.Usually, the presentation day will be on every Friday.Seriously, give me a break.Not only that, TBL and seminars must be completed by next Wednesday.This is what I called absurdityof life.

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