Saturday, September 20, 2008

Post call

It's 12.50am now, juz got back from the Hospital due to on-call.

The day started well.Observed an operation; Total parathyroidectomy.Mr A was mypatient for my 5th long case.He has a conctellation of past surgical and medical illnesses.He was diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus when he was only 16 yrs old and now he is 43.Had generalied oedema in 1995 due to nephrotic syndrome and was treated in Hosp Seremban.His kidney function starts to deteriorate from that day onwards and was diagnosed as End-Staged Renal Failure (ESRF) and is on haemodialysis since 1998, 3 times per week.Later, tertiary parathyroidism developed ( Autonomous secretion of PTH hormone despite normal serum calcium level).Anyway, the operation took 3 hours.It could have been shorter but the surgeons could not locate the right lower parathyroid gland.A parathyroid gland is located posteriorly to the thyroid gland and is only 4-6mm in length.Sgt kecik okay!

I decided to do on-call today.Managed to do a few things such as
1) Set a few new IV lines ( Brannula)
2) a few Venepunctures
3)Went to the radiology department with Mr Hisham and Dr Izyan to see a CT scan of a patient with head trauma.This patient had Extradural haematoma.Biconcave appearance were seen in the CT scan.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to go to a place called Sungai Pelek in Sepang to help out my friends who are currently doing their Public Health(or Hell) posting.They are having their 'HIP'-Health Intervention Programme.Malas tapi rasa mcm kena pergi jugak.Probably going to singgah the Hospital again tomorrow.Hopefully can do Arterial Blood Gas(ABG) again!

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