Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Key-hole dressing

It's a type of wound dressing that is usually used for various types of drainage.It was an honour for me as a clinical year MAD medical student, to be given such trust by the nurses and doctors to perform such procedure.Ohhhh well... it's not that complicated anyway.The patient himself was giving me the instructions throughout the process.Haha.

First, make sure the sterility of the equipments and your hands must be clean.Perform the surgical hand washing (yes, there are many methods of hand washing)

What you need is basically a dressing set which contains other stuffs, povidone iodine,normal saline, Hapifax-wide body ( a type of plaster), cotton balls gauze and of course the working brain.Introduce yourself to the patient and make sure he/she is comfortable.Get a good exposure of the abdomen.

Remove the previous dressing and throw it in the waste bin.
Use the plastic forcep, soak the cotton balls with normal saline.Apply that at the wound in circular motion,starting from inside to outside.Do not dab it for so many times.Remember, sterility! Since I am in a government hospital, so boleh laa membazir sikit.The goal is not to develop any nosocomial(hospital-acquired) infections!

This patient has a drain, which is connected to a plastic bottle.It contains blood, originated from the abdominal cavity.Later, wear mask, open the bottle and drain it into the sink.Rinse it with running tap water.Connect it to the vacuum port and depressurized it.Reconnect it to the tube.
Soak the gauze with iodine.Close the wound and secure the tube.Dont let it dangling like a yoyo.Apply Hapifax in order to close the wound with iodinated gauze.And voila my job is done.
Today, did a few venepunctures.I failed once and it was humiliating.Cant blame coz the patient was well built!Veins lari lari okay.Clerked a number of new patients in the ward and did physical examination on them.
Currently its 11.50pm, I'm only half way on my long case write up.I intend to present it tomorrow.I've decided to go to the Dewan Bedah tomorrow so that I can update my patient.Bye


Anonymous said...

u yourself didn't wear mask... that could introduce infection too

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