Thursday, September 18, 2008

6th week already

What did I do today?Lemme see...I've just presented my 5th Long case.It was a difficult case to begin with.Even the surgeons said it was difficult.But I think I did just fine.I got 7/10, which is a good mark! Susah nk dapat...
We had a bedside teaching by our own lecturer Mr Al-Amin, the Hepatobiliary surgeon.A few of us presented a few cases to him.They did well.I think we have got a good grasp in terms of writing and presenting a good case write up, though it was hard at the beginning because of the nitty gritty stuff and thouroughness.
I did my first arterial blood withdrawal today from the femoral artery.I did not feel afraid anymore.In order to become good at any clinical procedures, I notice that we need to have a good grasp of the anatomy and also...GUTS.Yes, we have to be brave and trust ourselves.InshaAllah everything will be okay.I'm thinking of going to the hospital at 6am tomorrow, so that I will get the chance to do more venepunctures and other procedures.Life is good~ =) On-call at the wards and emergency department tomorrow night! arghh

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