Monday, September 22, 2008

22nd November 2008

It really scares me sometimes that we can die, literally anytime when the time comes.Thats what I felt when I was in the surgical clinic today.
Encik A, who is only a 29 years oldmalay gentleman has come to the clinic with a left testicular mass of 2 weeks duration.Yes, its only 2 weeks duration and the mass is already as big as a tennisball.Anyway, I am not going into the details regarding the mass ( like we usually have to describein our case presentation).In order to differentiate whether it is a hydroecele or a solitary mass, me and the MO Dr Syikin did the transluminent test.And guess what the test was negative and the mass is nota hydrocoele.Our impression:Left Testicular carcinoma.The patient is scheduled for urgent ultrasound and we need to perform Orchidectomy(testicular removal) on him.Poor guy.I talked to him later while Venepuncturi-ing( withdrawing blood from veins), tried my best to console him.

I also managed to assist Dr Kerwin in doing Proctoscopy.There was this patient, Encik R who came to the clinic with a TertiaryInternal haemorrhoid ( Piles whichis prolapse upon defecation and can onlybereduce manually).I performed a rectal examination on him and seriously he was in pain whenever I touched the hemorrhoid.I had to slowly push back the pile with my fingers.Later, we used the proctoscopy and did Haemorrhoid rubber banding.He is scheduled to come again later in a month time, and if necessary a surgical procedure known as 'Staple Haemorrhoidectomy' will be done.Oh forgot to mention that this patient works as a Penjaga Kuda, and he used to take care Tun Dr Mahathir's horses.

I joined Hanan'sgroup for their bedside teaching.Hanan had to do clerking to a patient with a right breast lump in front of us and Mr Hisham ( the soon to be Minimally invasive and Bariatric Surgeon).The session ended with case presentation and case discussion

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