Friday, August 22, 2008


Just got back to home sweet home.Seriously, penat giler... Wards, Sick outpatient department, OT, Emergency name it...clerked soo many patients, physical examinations ( no cincai cincai...must be thorough)...including breast examination, assist this, assist that, prepare shortcase...prepare and present long case for patient.Life is so hard

By 7.30 am, I have to be in the hospital, ward rounds is at 8am with the Surgeons and specialists, MOs, HOs.Then I will wither stay in the wards, or rush to the Clinics or Operation Theatre to see interesting surgeries, depends on my group rotation.Malam, ada on-call both in the Surgical wards or Emergency department.Balik pukul 12 am.Life is so demanding.

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