Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Public Health and Community Medicine posting

Baru sahaja hari kedua, tapi dah banyak kerja.

-Journal reports
by this Friday (Power point and Narrative form), encompassing the big 4 areas ( Nutrition, Exercise, Smoking and Mental Health) + Women's Health + Injury and 1 special topic.We chose TCM (Traditional and Complementary Medicine).These journals are important for us to develop Objectives and questionnaires for our Community Survery's Health Interventional program at the end of the posting

-Field visit and reports
will be having a few field visits reports such as Klinik Kesihatan, Klinik Desa, District hospital.The not so nice part will be reports for each visits

-Patients Health Community Studies
I have been given a patient from Klinik Kesihatan Salak yesterday.I have to update him from time to time, in Public Health point of view.Kena call patient petang ni untuk buat temujanji

-Learning SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)

Public Health plays a vital role in ensuring health of the community.It plays an important role in prevention of diseases.Public Health looks upon the community as a whole in order to come out with what we called as comunity diagnosis.

This posting, I think will enhanced my view regarding Medicine.Medicine is a very very wide discipline.It not only revolves aorund things in the hospital.

Nota: Ok.Saya pun masih dalam kegelapan.


haridan said...

sy juge masih dlm kegelapan

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