Thursday, March 19, 2009


Much have been said about the letter 'e' here in Malaysia.e-government,e-commerce,e-ni ,e-tu and of course e-hospital.Just like in any system or policy, there would be pros and cons.


Points for E-hospital
1.Patients data will be key-in and kept more efficiently.
No need to take the trouble to find the file in the store room.Patient's history, diagnosis, investigations, x-ray,MRI,CT scan record is just a click a way.I've visited the Medical Record room , a place where medical records are being kept.They are being kept neatly and meticulously with the colour coding and all.I'd go nuts if I were to be the person in-charge of that department.

2.More safety?
Umm...probably since password is needed before access is gained into the Hospital Integrated System (HIS) developed by Microsoft company for Malaysian hospitals.But, again we never know.Hackers are getting smarter and smarter by the minute.

Points against E-hospital
Both of my teaching hospitals are E-hospitals(Hospital Serdang and Hospital Putrajaya).Next year baru pergi Hospital Kuala Lumpur( not an e hospital, more like an eeeeuww hospital.LOL).So at least my points below are valid and reliable.

1.Lack of personal touch from doctors to patients
I've managed to ask the doctors who uses this system, particularly when in the clinic.All they cud say is that they prefer the 'oldies' writing in papers.Just imagine patient is seating on your right while the computer is either on your left or in front of you.So your gaze is not towards patients but rather at the computer.

2.Computer hang!
Haha this is the usual complaint.Kalau tak hang komputer tu lembab.I've seen a lot of cases where the doctors were frustrated becoz they need to restart the computers quite oftenly.

Note: Pray for me.I have an SPSS exam in about an hour time.Sronok gak dpt apply statistic knowledge yg tak seberapa ni.Faham? ok takpe


Marleena Baizura said...

SPSS pon need exam? haha. what a pickle.

N a b i L said...

YES...masuk exam SAQ

hajar said...

so basically, there are only 2 e-hospitals in malaysia? I had been shadowing docs in different departments in Serdang Hospital in the last couple of years and yea they carried lappies all along teh line during morning ward rounds. Often, their lappies were low batteries n i guess thats another weakness of the system. Btw, you mentioned Serdang hosp as one of your teaching hosps, i.e you are studying at UPM?