Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Dear blog, sorry for not updating u for quite some time.It has been a busy weekdays and weekends.Yes, I have to come to the hospital even on Saturdays and Sundays.Saturday in HPJ.Sunday in UMMC at Paeds Surgery department.It's all becoz I am teman-ing my groupmate Hannan who will be doing her elective in Paeds surgery in the UK next month in the prestigious,world-famous Paeds surgery hospital, the Great Ormond Street Hospital.Its good for her to get some early exposure before going there.Good luck Hannan!

I am surprised and totally taken aback by the lack of history taking as well as presentation skills among houseman(HO).Particularly who graduated from that country.I tried not to be prejudiced.But so far I've met 1,2 and 3 HOs graduated from that country who shows similar trait.Tell me, how can you diagnosed a patient without knowing on how to take a proper history.As we all know, 90% of the diagnosis is made thru history taking alone.The rest are confirmatory.Izzit due to the lack of clinical exposure during clinical years?Are they not trained to take history?Lack of practice? Lack of patient access in the wards?Lackadaisical attitude of their lecturers?Easy passing mark during exams?or simply unmotivated during clinical years?Enlightened me.How can you make a diagnosis of chronic liver disease when you cant name any signs of chronic liver disease- palmar erythema, Dupuytren's contracture,spider naevi,caput medusae,gynacomastia and testicular atrophy-to support your diagnosis?I thought these are basic stuff that should have been taught during meds school.These are a must know knowledge!

Consequently,who will suffer the most?Yes,its none other than the patient.It serves as a reminder to myself.I hope that I could improve on my history taking as well as presentation skills.As for now, I tend to jump to the associated symptoms before even giving a good elaboration to the chief complaint.I pray to Allah in every step that I make.

ps:Sorry.I'm being frank here.I dont talk this stuff to anyone.I do this only in my blog.


Shawa said...

seriously??? thats major issue

Anonymous said...

are they from russia? I am a russian graduate. and I totally agree that we don't even know how to clerk properly and present case to specialists. It is not we didn't learn them, but our system here is totally different from malaysia. we have our own way of clerking and case presenting which are difeerent from msia.

i felt like being deceived sent by the govt here!!