Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paeds Surgery

Me and Hannan went to the Paeds Surgery ward in UMMC for the second time(and yes during the Sunday).Today we followed the morning ward round, headed by Dr Syariz Izri the Paeds surgeon MO (he is my cousin by the way).Managed to see a few cases such as pancreatic pseudo cyst, cystic hygroma, Hirschprung's disease, imperforated anus etc.

Later, we discussed about the topic regarding stoma, since that it can come out in our short case surgery exam.Stoma literally 'mouth' in Greek or Latin.The other name for stoma is colostomy or ileostomy.Depends on where the stoma bag is.There are many types of stoma but the popular ones are loop-type and double-barrel type.We also discussed about the important points that we need to mention during the short case exam.They are:

1.Sitting of a stoma (as a rule of thumb, stoma must be placed away from bony prominences such as the ASIS and away from the umbilicus)
2.Type ( Loop or Double-barrel)
3.Content of a stoma bag (feces colour, consistency etc)
4.Complications ( skin excoriations, paracolostomal hernia etc if visible)

We discussed about few other things la such as indication and complications of stoma.Umm malas nk type dah....
We pinjam-ed a baby who has Hirschprung's disease.Did rectal examination and boy there was a sudden gushed of feces coming out just right after removing our finger out from the anal canal.A sudden gushed of feces is a pathognomonic feature of a Hirschprung's by the way.

Later that day, spend a few hours in the gym and later rushed to Shah Alam for Eda's sister wedding.

ps: OMG logbook internal medicine masih agakkk kosong.Abeslaa 2 minggu lagi dh nak kena hantar


Shawa said...

OMG, mmg logbook tu mcm perkasam je..cukup syarat n guess what, i exam ngan proff kesayangan semua...tekela sapa...

N a b i L said...

Prof ARAR...!!!!!! good luck ye hehehe