Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Internal Meddicine Week 3

Another reason why I dislike Paeds.Sometimes while clerking patients (a.k.a kids) will b busy doing somethingelse.This pic was taken yesterday when adik H was admitted due to Poorly controlled asthma (classification based on the latest Asthma classification-the GINA classification).My friend Hanan was so into clerking his history while he , on the other hand was busy playing with Gameboy.She had to come to the ward at night to clerk his history.And at the end, this is what she gets!

No lar, I'm not making a big fuss out of it.What is more interesting is the chest x-ray findings.His chest x-ray shows tramline and ring shadows which is consistent with the diagnosis of bronchiectasis.We r doing CT Scan tomorrow morning to confirm the diagnosis.Will try to take the chest x-ray pic and paste it here. =)

Ps: Internal Medicine is so tiring.But luckily it is interesting at the same time.

Ps: Had 2 TBL today- 'Lethargy' and 'Cough n Wheezing'.The second TBL was done with Dr Rosman.We have to change to our sports gear and went to a place near the sea shore and had our discussion there in the late afternoon.Dpt tengok sunset skali.......

Ps: Spend 2 hours in the clinic today.Got to clerk and see cases like Asthma, Migraine and Beta Thalassaemia major.

Ps: My patient with Unstable angina is stable.Dr Pakar are keeping him in the ward to stabilise his blood pressure

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