Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mother and to all mothers throughout this world.

Woke up at 8.30am this morning.Its Sunday, I was lazy indeed.However, we had to carry out a medical check-up in Bandar Tun Razak.Waqi contacted me yesterday saying that they need some men to run the booth.The medical check up is part of the activities being held during the Mother's Day celebration anjuran Puteri UMNO bahagian Bandar Tun Razak.Kak Sha was the contact person.

Arrived late, around 9.30am.Sesat.The signboard for Taman Tenaga was nowhere to be seen.We opened the booth as soon as all of arrived at the scene.Once the registration booth were opened, a hoard of people menyerbu.My god.I manned the Blood Pressure taking booth.Bayangkan orang beratur mcm nk mengundi je.Line panjang.I was taking the BP for almost 2 hours straight without getting a rest!Nobody was kind enuff to give me at least a mineral water.Anyway, had a little bit of fun when I get to practice my 'counselling' skill to makcik and pakcik.PLease take care of your diet,stop smoking,exercise more etc etc.Yes.Its important.Doctors ( or future doctor as in my context ) should play roles as a teacher to patients.Educate them with knowledge that they supposed to know.It makes things easier in the end.

PS: I am curretnly back inTerendak.Will have to go to the medical ward tonight to clerk and update new patients.

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