Friday, December 5, 2008

Bye bye Paeds

Yahoo! I just completed one of the most horrible posting ever.No way that other posting will be as tidious as this.I began the posting with such a negative mind, and it was fairly negative throughout haha.Well probably that was because I fell in love with my Surgery posting.I did Surgery prior to Paeds.During this posting, I had to put a lot of crap with all the mellodramatic moment of the specialists yg tak habis habis nak bebel je.Otherwise, evertyhing would be fine and perfect.They expect a lot of things from us.Plus, they are all mothers and mungkin diorang asik fikir 'haih kenapala anak anak aku mcm ni' thus the bebelan pun sering berlaku.I actually enjoyed Paeds in the end, knowing that they actually care for their students.They want us to be as good as them if not better.I have always love those congenital heart diseases, even when I am still in my pre-clinical years.So, I'm not surprise if I become a Paediatric Cardiologist one day. (Nabil, biar benar ko cakap gitu!!! )
The exam question was tough.We had MCQ(Single best answer type- yang ni memang menggila la, pilihan jawapan semua betul so kena pilih yg mana rasa paling betul), Extended matching question,EMQ ( ni okay kut) and Short Answer Question,SAQ ( Ni laa yang susah, had 3 with bruising, periorbital swellling and dehydration). Nasib baik takde Essay!

This is the view from the ward.Paediatric ward is situated in the 5th floor of the hospital.This hospital have many, well-maintained Garden or Taman at each floor.So, you'll still feel like you are at the ground floor, though in fact you are actually not.

Playing room in the Paediatric Ward

Byk betul soft toys kan?

Oh yeah, I went to an Asthma workshop 2 days before the exam.Little that I know that at the end of the workshop we had to answer a 4-paged mini test.Hidup asyik bergelumang dengan exam je.And luckily the test is not as tough as our REAL exam.Ni tutup mata pun boleh jawap hehe

The Asthma workshop was really informative.It holistically covered everything about asthma.The theory part, patient management, patient education and also the latest drug and treatment.Plus, the workshop were given by all the healthcare workers- Specialists, Sisters,Nurses, Medical assistants etc. I like the idea when we try to involve as many discipline as possible.In practicing medicine, we need each other.It's all about Teamwork,teamwork and Teamwork!


roi said...

eh ko dah cek ke markah ko?
Dr Norra kate markah sume ade kat SN Lim,tp kertas takleh amik balik sbb soalan tu akan digunekan lagi next time.

CriticalThinker said...

wah satu lagi kawan doc! kalu ko ade di sisi aku akan tanye macam2 soalan kesihatan. salam kenal.

N a b i L said...

Roi: Blom check, nnti kite pi jumpe SN Lim.

CriticalThinker: Aku blom Doc lagi la bro...Jgn panggil doc lagi kay, aku terasa ilmu aku sgt tak cukup lagi hehe .But of coz, tanye je la ape ape pun, kalau aku tau jwpn dia aku jawap kay.Nway, Salam perkenalan

Anonymous said...

having fun reading ur blog rite now =)
mntk izin amik2 pic2 ward paeds,nk tnjuk kt kwn2. we're planning on decorating paeds wards which we had our rounds here,so that they can enjoy and at least be happy and healthy at the same time inshaAllah. =)
thanks a lot!