Monday, December 1, 2008

Clinical Exam Paeds habis

Mr Mickey with his other toy mates, nicely being placed inside my Adidas bag!

Alhamdulillah.Just completed my Observed Long Case Clinical Examination.I swear to God that my heart nearly stop beating while waiting for my examiner Dr Faizah the Paediatrician to take me for the exam at 2.30pm in Wad 5A.I had psychogenic polyuria all the way.The case was pretty straightforward ( compared to my last Surgery clinical exam, where my patient was a Bangladeshi who does not understand Malay OR English, had to use an interpreter in the end.Plus, he had 2 diagnosis and the case was hard; Bowel obstruction secondary to adhesion colic).My patient for today was a 9 month old baby boy presented to the hospital due to high grade fever of 4 days duration associated with chesty cough and episodes of shortness of breath.Took the history from the mother and presented to Dr Faizah.I did the physical examination the UNCONVENTIONAL way where I decided to auscultate him first before doing the rest .This is becoz he was sleeping and you dont want to auscultate him when he is crying later.My final diagnosis was Right lobar pneumonia.Air entry was reduced on the right lung.Bronchial breath sound was heard with crepitations over the right middle and lower zone of the lung with occasional,scattered ronchi.Tada~~! The discussion part was also alright.I suggested the appropriate investigation as well.The most happy thing was that my patient did not cry.Therefore, I did not have to use Mr Mickey Mouse at all.
One thing that I would like to say is that Mother compared to the Father is a much better historian.Sumpah.I had a couple of times clerking history from the father.And it clearly showed that father is usually a bad historian.They are unsure with a lot of stuff.So, to all the Mothers out there,kudos to you and I really admire you all.
I still have a Written exam this coming Thursday.So,literally my Paeds posting is not officially over yet.Yikes.

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