Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I still love you even after u have raped me

I was on-call today (yes, during Maal Hijrah holiday).Spend sometime in the Gynae ward and later in the Labour room.
We are discouraged to actually clerk patients with medico-legal issues.eg rape victims.This morning, I did not even bother to check the big,heavy register book in the ward and straightaway TERrrr-clerk this one patient.I was with a chaperon of mine Kak Yang.Anyway,let us name this patient as Ms K.Ms K was admitted yesterday after being raped( I dont like to use this word actually but cant find any word for replacement) by her boyfriend.She was also beaten by him with leather belt, until there was this huge laceration(luka) over her shin.The laceration was quite deep! At the end of the clerking session, we asked her one last question, " How do you feel right now?What do you feel like doing?" She replied;

"I want to get a phone and try to call my boyfriend.I want to apologise to him"

I was utterly shocked.I mean comon girl! U have been beaten by him and raped!If I were you I wud have wanted to break his neck and shot his head to dust with a shotgun.End of story.I started to think that, Love is blind...

Next, Labour room.Witnessed my first Emergency Lower Segment Caesarian section today.C section had to be carried out due to poor progress of labour.CTG shows Late Deceleration; sign of fetal distress.There was also Light meconium staining,another sign of fetal distress.I also observed a few normal SVD(Spontaneous vaginal delivery). Terasa bersemangat nak conduct delivery next week!

Note1: Currently listening to Nickelback's "Gotta be somebody".Im a big fan of this band =)

Note2: Will be presenting in a seminar tomorrow regarding the "Investigation and Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy". Wish me luck!

Note3: Went to Pizza Hut again, second time this week.I MUST jog tomorrow evening!

Note4: Participated in a Treasure Hunt in Melaka last Saturday.My group was the second runner-up group.Not bad dowhh~~

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that's really annoying, i guess? hopefully the girl will realise what she was doing right now.. ameen..