Monday, January 5, 2009


I have been extremely busy with my O&G posting.Tomorrow is my last day for Gynaecology for this year.The common cases in the Gynae ward are

1) Miscarriage ( Missed, complete, incomplete etc)
2)Ectopic pregnancy
3)Ovarian cyst ( Ruptured vs torsion)
4)Hyperemesis gravidarum
5) Uterine fibroid

I'll be attached to the Labour room starting from this Wednesday.Previously,I had spent a few times in the labour room and Maternal operation theatre so as to get a glimpse of what will I be facing next.So many things to learn and perform.Definitely need to know how to do Partographs, interprate CTG, etc etc.A few of my friends (who are currently attached in the labour room)had the chance to actually do various procedures such as controlled cord traction, become the assistant in performing Cesaerian section, and also deliver babies.But so far nobody has the gut to conduct a delivery yet.I'll be the first one maybe? I'm definitelygoing to try my best.Really really want to do episiotomy surturing.According to colleagues, the nurses,HOs and MOs are willingly to teach and help.Ahhh yess, good prognosis that is.

Need to submit my long case write up tomorrow.c u...

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