Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yes, I am deprived of my social life.

A buddy of mine called me this morning, ajak main Pool and lepas tu Karaoke tonight.But I had to reject those offer.Sorry dude, I have final O&G exam next week.I still got tons of stuff to be revised.However, being me I always offer another alternative date.

Pray for my success.Nak success with flying colours lagi~

By the way, Octuplets were born today via Caesarean section in California, USA.I just cant imagine how could 8 babies being stuffed together in a uterus!I have personally have had the chance to observed twin deliveries, and all I can tell is that it is not an easy task both for the mother and the hospital staff to manage the situation.There is a suspicion that the 8 babies were not there by chance.I suspect that an IVF( In vitro fertilisation) were done.Yes the doctors in the US claimed that it has got something to do with ovulation induction drug( ubat kesuburan) and not IVF.But come on, you think you can fool me?What are the odds of having 8 fertilised embryos in the uterus thru ovulation induction drugs?In my opinion, it was very unethical for the doctors to do that.Multiple pregnancies is never good to both the mother and the babies.It has a significant increase in so many complications such as preterm birth, congenital defects and even death to the mother.Would you risk so many lives just to attained personal glory?

Note 1: I never karaoke-ed before.Ntah kena rasuk ape tetibe nk try haha.Pool pun lama dah tak main.Oh yeah, I forgot.I am deprived.I dont have the luxury of time.

Note 2: Currently addicted to a band called Dishwalla.Genre= Alternative rock .Underground band je tapi lagu best best.One of their song called Angels or Devils were made as a theme song for one of the episode of Smallville. <---- WHY AM I TELLING YOU ALL THESE????

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Panini 3 said...

NABIL!!! DISHWALLA ROX!!! you are one of the fews who knows that band.. good choice. hahaha