Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I would like to ask everyone to pray for the safety and success of the mision for two of my beloved professors who has just entered Gaza yesterday.Both of them are:

Prof Dr Ikram Saleh ( An Anesthesiologist)


Mr Al-Amin Daud ( Hepatobiliary surgeon )

Let us pray so that Allah will always be with them,ensuring their mission under the banner of MERCY Malaysia will be successful.

Masih igt lagi patient yg ada anak takde tempurung kepala tu? She gave birth to the baby at 8.20am today.Didn't manage to see the delivery sbb tgh bekpesmasa tu.Member call, ape lagi berlari lari la dari cafe ke labour room.However, I still manage to see the baby.Excited pun ade, kesian pun ade.Excited sbb dpt tgk Anencephaly bedebuk depan mata.Kesian sebab simpati dgn mak dia.The baby has already passed away masa kat dalam kandungan lagi.Really want to take the picture buat kenangan, tapi tak sampai hati nak mintak permission dari mak dia.The baby was taken away by the father at 9 am camtu.
Anencephaly, or fetus without the skull is due to lack of folic acid in the body.Folic acid is essential for the development of the central nervous system during the period of embryogenesis (at first trimester ).Inadequacy will result in neural tube defects such anencephaly.In Malaysia,folic acid will be prescribed to expecting mothers during the booking date.However, theoretically folic acid should be taken 3 months prior to pregnancy, I repeat 3 months prior to pregnancy.This is to give some time for the body to store adequate folic acid before a mother became pregnant.Tapi iyela, sapa la yang nk makan folic acid saja saja kan?Tapi kan, kenapa ada still pregnant lady yang malas mengambil ubat-ubat doktor.Beringatlah bahawa semua benda yang doktor berikan adalah untuk kebaikan anda dan juga kandungan anda.Semuanya ada sebabnya.fullstop.

Note 1: Mr Al-Amin is one of my idol to become a surgeon.

Note 2: Just came back from on-call.Presented my case to the MO on-call, Dr Dahlia.She is super duper nice.I learn a lot from her, particularly tips regarding the long case exams.Thank you so much Dr Dahlia.I will definitely give u some small present at the end of this posting =)


Ainul Arina Madhiah said...


ada dengar gak ttg dr al-amin datang gaza sebabnya anak dia belajar dengan saya kat sini. Semua sangat excited dan risau juga. Anak dia lagiii la.. Harapnya semua selamat. Amin..

thang soo ping said...

hey!!! i knew dr dahlia... i was the attachment medical student when she was doing housemanship... very nice lady.. and very dear to everybody.