Saturday, January 17, 2009

A gentle reminder

I've just got to write something before I'm off to bed

Before medical school...
Is it important to be the best student during your secondary school? Would that be a pre requisite in ensuring success in medical school?Is it important to get the best SPM result in your state?

In medical school...

Is it important to get a straight excellent marks during every exams?

The answer to those question mentioned above is NO!

Yes, good result in every tests and exams during medical school is important.However, it must be combined with good attitude and excellent psychomotor skills ( eg: clinical examination skills, clerking skills,case presentation skill, procedure skills etc).And please... dont be a robot! medicine is actually logic! Tak gune menghafal membuta tuli and during exam just muntahkan segala-galanya and at the end of the day unable to apply your knowledge in the real situation.

I've got a few friends who are still in his/her realm of dream.They think that being the best during their secondary schools will ensure their success in medical school.To me, they have this inferiority complex.That they will always remind themselves that they were once a top scorer during SPM and that nobody is above them.This way of thinking will eventually comfort them.My advice:Please, hang those result at pagar before entering pagar hospital.That wud just be your recipe for disaster!

Just a sincere reminder.My 2 cents.Sekian...

Note 1 : Kpd adik-adik di luar sana, bila dh masuk med school nanti rajin-rajinkan diri k.Jgn malas-malas.Bersykurla sbb dpt buat medic.Bukan semua org apply dapat kan? Yang paling penting sekali adalah attitude kita...and of coz niat kita =) <---- More like a reminder to myself haha =P

Note 2: Episode manga Naruto terbaru dah keluar.Tgh happy nih...

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yellowrose said...

200% agree.dlm medic nih result pre-clinical yr dlu xmenjamin cemerlang tyme clinical.nothing n nothing.its completely different.let alone the spm result yg xbergune pape lg.

tapi part hafal membabi bute tuh cudn help la..kdg2 myself pon da xlarat nk bace tyme exam,hapal jek sume .lepas exam tros lupe..aiyoo..