Monday, January 19, 2009

Midnight ramblings

It's 12.47 am and I am still stuck with this powerpoint.I have a presentation tomorrow.I just hate doing power point.fullstop.I, on the other hand love teaching(<---- habisla gelak guling guling member-member aku yg baca statement ni).I've had a few occasion volunteered myself to tutor my juniors during my pre clinical years.I dont mind spend my time until late at night so that they understand.I love who participate in class( Come on people, you cannot wait until somebody feeds you!).I hate those who only act merely as passengers.I totally anti-ed those who talk when I am doing the talking.Rasa nak baling kasut.

During pre clinical years, we have exams every friday morning.READ: EVERY FRIDAY MORNING.Exam pun bukan yg memain punye.Ni yg stail duduk kat hall mcm nak amik SPM.The ones that the invigilators would say 'Para pelajar yang didapati menipu didalam peperiksaan akan dibuang dari institusi pendidikan-type of exams'.The idea is to make sure that we are all consistent in our studies.Marks will be counted as part of our final exam marks.So tak boleh kantoi sekali pun.I used to hate those negative marking style of marking.Correct answers will be awarded one mark, but every wrong answers will be deducted 0.5 marks.Mahu dekat 100 kali exam in total masa pre clinical years.Mahu tak tumbuh uban masa tu.Jerawat pun bleh tahan banyaknye...Anyway, back to mentor-mentee tu, I used to senyap-senyap check my mentees punye markah yang diorang tampal kat result board.Kecewa kalau diorang fail.Rasa satu kegagalan dan kebuangmasaan( is there such word?Habisla A. Samad Said marah).Gembira dan bangga kalau markah diorang tinggi.

Why am I telling you all this? I still got a powerpoint to setel....adios!

Note 1: Ada cita-cita nak jadi Clinical lecturer nanti.Bestkan.Dapat keep in touch with basic knowledge.And at the same time bleh buat pahala banyak banyak.Bayangkan that pahala tu beranak-pinak once your students dah berkhidmat jadik tuan/puan doktor!

Note 2: Esok ada temujanji dengan sorang MO ni, Dr Dahlia.Nak buat temujanji kat OT.Its not just a temujanji.I'll become her first assistant for Cesaerian section tomorrow.

Note 3: I'll be officially attached to the Obstetric ward from tomorrow onwards.But that doesn't mean that I'll be missing all the action in the labour room.No way bebeh!Mothers, you will not see the last of me.beware...<--- habis la berlagak macam superhero pulak

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