Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Takde kepala

I'm officially in the Obstetric ward.A lot of patients.Both of the wards are full.We had to actually open some pseudobed ( pseudo= tipu, bed= well..it means katil) Haha...

Most of the antenatal cases are Pre-eclampsia and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.However, I had a patient with an Anencephalic fetus ( Baby without the skull and brain).Yep,poor her.I really really sympathize.She is currently in her36 weeks of pregnancy.However, according to the protocol we need to induce the labour.She is currently on Prostin, a type of progesterone for cervical ripening.The last time I checked, the cervical os is opened at 4cm.My professor is asking me to keep track ofthis patient, especially the management part.

I was on-call-ed last nite.Observed an LSCS( lower segment caeserean section) of a transverse lie baby. I became the first assistant to the surgeon for the second LSCS for macrosomic baby.The birthweight was 4.1kg.Memang nampak montel la baby tu.

Some interesting quotes for the past 2 days

" She does not have early symptoms of pregnancy.However, her husband does"
Med student 1 during case presentation

" Med students are the only human beings who are still alive despite being anencephalic"
Prof Dr H after hearing our case presentation this morning

** Ni lawak medic, susah sket nak paham..

Note 1: Becoming the first assistant for the LSCS has been a wonderful experience for me.I gain so much wealth of knowledge.The MO who performed the operation are so helpful.We actually teach each other.I teach her a little bit about embryology and she taught me like A LOT in return. Surgery surgery surgery...I simply love surgery and being in the OT...

Note2: I think I love seeing blood.fullstop

Note 3: Today,I think I've found a patient for my Obs case writeup.She has pre-eclampsia with impending HELLP syndrome and she is symptomatic.Interesting!She has to deliver her baby by tonight,regardless the method of delivery either vaginally or Caeserean-lly

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