Saturday, December 13, 2008


What~?????!!!!...Holiday dh habis.Hari ni hari Sabtu,esok hari Ahad, Tulat (hahaha) hari Isnin.Maka bermulalah chapter baru dalam hidup.I'll be doing my Obstetrics & Gynaecology posting for 2 months.Need to do revision for the pre-clinical topics, need to read more and more books and articles and most important thing is that need to do a lot of clerking from as many patients as possible and eventually able to come up with decent case report and ultimately able to present them to the Specialists.Sounds men-tension-kan.I have set a few addtional goals during the coming 2 months of which I hope I could achieve in time:-

1) Deliver AT LEAST 10 babies! ( Highest priority )

2)Spend some time in the Paediatric ward once in a while, especially during Friday when the Thalassaemia patients come for their routine check-up.At least I will be able to palpate more and more liver and spleen.Weee~~The Paed ward and O&G ward is at the same floor after all

[The list will be updated from time to time]

By the way, found a new blog .I thought that his MotorBasikal ciptaanya was brilliant.Kengkadang tu terasa rugi pulak tak terima tawaran Petronas buat Engineering kat Aussie dulu.Ntah ntah dh grad dah pun... =(

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Wahidah said...

but here u come doc to be...:P