Monday, April 27, 2009

Bakti Siswa & Anak Anak Angkat program

I spent 3 days and 2 nights in a kampung called Kg Air Lapis Bangas in Parit Sulong,Johor.I want to retract back my words in my previous post.It was worth it going there after all.The mak,abah and family angkat were super nice.We were treated as if we are their own sons and daughters.At one point, I came to think that their real sons and daughters have become their own anak tiri.For example, Nik and I was with this one family who have 2 sons and 2 daughters.Their son had to sleep on the floor when both of us happily sleeping on his bed.We were also given their cars and motorcycles.We used them as if they were ours.Therefore, there is no surprise when one of us terbabas masuk dalam kolam while learning to ride motorcycles.The food? Owh its super duper good.One of our main activities were eating and eating.We had like 3 dinners everyday.Nasi Ambang, Mee Bandung, Sup gearbox u name it, we ate it.Therefore,it comes to know surprise when I weigh myself this morning and found out that I have gained 1 kg.Gaining 1kg in a 3 days time is a lot.

We had programs like membaja pokok kelapa sawit when the ahli parlimen Dato Noraini Ahmad (Ex Ketua Puteri UMNO) actually came to see the programme,program pemeriksaan kesihatan percuma for the penduduk kampung, program motivasi para pelajar so on and so forth.

Just like in previous medical check-up activity, our Prof Latiff would surely do some clinical teachings there whenever there is an interesting sign and symptoms discovered among the patients during the event.This time, I managed to see things such as chronic tophaceous gout, Marcus-Gun eye sign, Pterygium eye ,Podagra,Heberden's node as well as Bouchard's nodes of Osteoarthritis,symptomatic viral hepatitis,classical chronic uraemia signs and symptoms etc

Pic 1: Pterygium.One of the signs of hypercholesterolaemia
Pic 2: Podagra.Swelling and pain of the first metatarsophalangeal joint in GoutPic3: Heberden's node(at distal interphalangeal -DIP join) and Bouchard's node ( at proximal interphalangeal-PIP joint) in Osteoarthritis.They are caused by formation of osteophytes(calcific spurs) of the articular cartilage

Note1 : I'm currently in Terendak now.3 weeks posting in Hospital Angkatan Tentera Terendak.


Fahri Shiddiq Jr said...

nabil...couldn't see much all the patients in the surau coz busy with health talk....plz upload more pics and info for IM...gudluck staying in Terendak!

N a b i L said...

Best jugak dekat sini.We r more involved in patient management.Kena present case masa ward round etc.Aku dh mula terasa yg aku ni dh jadi HO dah =P =P =P

Husna Musa said...

sile la utilize ur time in terendak plsss. YG PENTING ade je new case KENA clerk klau tak nanti dr azmi marah! take opportunity to present as much! and jgn belajar je, gi jumpe dr badli tnye die husna suruh tnye if ade ape2 mission yg korg blh ikut cthnye mcm klu ade parashooting (btl ke?) yg korg blh ikut medical cover, or simply arrange sports with doctors/insan!

N a b i L said...

Dr Azmi orait but I dont want to comment anything on the other specialist.Dr Azmi suruh kitorang participate in Minggu Kesihatan ATM...kena promote Organ Donation