Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IM mini homework

We presented our patient case today to prof Latif.Prof taught us another structured,more interesting way of presenting our case.He reminded us that the first few sentences in history presentation is important because that would determined whether we are an 'A' doctor or a 'D' doctor.He went on correcting stuffs such as by saying its wrong if we say 58 years old where in fact it should be 58 year old (minus the 'S').

Before ending the session, we were given a mini IM homework.Terasa macam budak darjah 1 pulak.

Our IM mini homework for today are to find answers for the questions below.

1.List 15 signs and symptoms of thyrotoxicosis
2. List five macrovascular and five microvascular complications of diabetes mellitus
3.Lists 5 causes of massivesplenomegaly
4. Five causes of palmar erythema and five causes of finger clubbing
5 List as many as you can the major differences between COPD and Asthma
6. Diagnosis criteria for Acute Myocardial Infarction
7. The differences between transmural,subendocardial infarct and acute angina
8. The clinical features of uraemia in CRF(Chronic renal failure)
9. Indication for emergency dialysis
10.The five different types of stroke
11. List all the features of cerebellar signs with its causes
12. The clinical features of SLE(Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and the criteria for diagnosis.

He says that internal medicine is so wide, that it requires doctors to specialise into certain field in th eend.But as a medical student, we have to know everything under the sun.No short cut.He also added that as physician, we need to be able 'to recognise disease pattern'.Its like getting the bits and pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together.Those who are sharp and well equipped with good background theoretical knowledge will be able to become a good physician.

Looks like I need to do a lot of stuff right now.My otak is so berkarat!

p/s: Prof also reminded us the importance of study group.This is not the time to study alone!Yes you can spend 2 hours a day to have a quality time studying alone but the rest should be in a form of a discussion with your groupmates.I agree with him 100%.There is no way that we can survive medicine if we study alone.Its simply impossible to cover everything alone!


yellowrose said...

5 massivesplenomegaly
-chr malaria
-hemolytic anemia

-mostly >40y
-slowly progress
-long smoking hx
-dyspnea during exercise

-only 5-10% after 60y
-worse at night
-dyspnea AFTER exercise

microvascular DM

finger clubbing
-TB/lung ca

huhuu...byk da lupe@_@
phew!nasib baik da abes da medcine!horror btol..medcine hanye sswai tok org2 nerd kot...surgery much waaaaaaaaayyy better!

N a b i L said...

Hey thx! Tak sia-sia post kat this blog :D I love both surgery and medicine!konfius konfius...taktau nk pilih yg mane satu nanti :P