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**This post is meant for the next public health group posting.Ni soalan compilation ni.Haha**

Today was viva day.From what I know,viva is a method of assesment used during preclinical years for students who failed their written paper twice.Tapi tak sangka pulak ada viva masa clinical years ni.We do not use patients for public health final exam coz there is no long case exam.Instead, viva is used as part of assessment method.
So layanje la

I was the 9th person to be called for viva.Again, only god knows how jittery and nervous I was.Two professors became the examiners.Both are public health specialists.The Viva can be divided into three components.

A.Public Health Journal
During the posting, we are required to read as many as public health journal that we can.In the end, we are required to list down 10 journals in our logbook.Those journals can be asked during viva.I was given the liberty to pick a journal which I am most confident with.For this purpose, I chose a journal with the title of ,

'The short-term impact of National Smoke-free workplace legislation for passive smoking and tobacco used"

Questions asked were:
1.About the study
2.Study design ( Ans: 2 time cross sectional study, before and after legislation enforcement)
3.Sampling method (Ans: They used cluster sampling method)
4.Other sampling method that you know off and their differences and features.(Ans: Simple random sampling,Systematic random sampling, Stratified random sampling,Cluster sampling,Multiphase sampling and Multistage sampling)
5.Statistical tests that were used
For this journal, they have used various tests.Eg: Chi squared test to assess 2 categorical variables which are exposure to tobacco smoke(ETS)-"Not at all""Less than an hour","1-4 hours","more than 4 hours" and smoking prevalences among employee in various workplaces-industry,services and offices.They have also used a non-parametric test named Mann Whitney U test and test of normality for continous variables such as Kolmogorov-Smirnov,Skewness and kurtosis and histogram.
6.Result and conclusion of the study.
-ETS declined considerably after the legislation.Eg;Exposure was halved in 1-4 hours group.
-Daily smoking prevalences among employees decreased significantly,from 30% to 25%.

B.Health Intervention Programme (HIP)
The second part of the viva was about things regarding our HIP.Questions asked in this section were:
1.Sampling method (Ans: We used Stratified Systematic random sampling.The population were stratified according to the income group, roughly by looking at their type of houses-single storey and double-storey house)
2.Type of study (Ans:Again, this would be a cross sectional study)

C.Regarding attachment to district hospital,health clinic and community clinic.

1.Roles of Medical and Health Officer(M&HO) as compared to medical officer (MO).
Ans: 1. Patients-M&HO's patients consists of the population under its sub-district.Eg.If I am an M&HO in Salak, then I am responsible for the health of the whole community in Salak, and patients consists of the sick as well as the healthy ones.
2.Plays role in administration and management of a health clinic
3.Plays role in health prevention and health promotion.For this question I was asked the differences between 'prevention' and 'promotion'.Annoying gile...

2.Next, I was asked about the weightage system for evaluation of food premises done by the health inspector from food and quality control unit of district health office.
Based on de-merit system.Deduction of marks out of 100 marks.Minimum passing mark is 50marks.Failure to achieve will result in the closure of food premise for 14 days.Can be charged under Food Act 1983
Food handlers-20%
Sewerage system-10%
Waste dumping-10%
Food containers and utensils-10%
Premise's floor-5%
Water source-2%
I was asked," Why do you think that the weightage for water source is only 2%?If you can answer this you can get an A+"LoL.I dont think I answer this question convincingly.It has something to do with primary prevention and primordial prevention method.Pre clinical stuff.So tak boleh ingat.

3.What is the required temperature for hot food in kedai mamak for example.
Answer: 63 Celcius

The end.

Below are the questions asked to my friends:
1.Malaysian Immunization Programme and the 'Cold Chain' system
2.Program Doktor Muda-10 scopes in their module
3.National Indicator Approach/District Specific Approach/Hospital Specific Approach
4.Lists of communicable diseases that must be notified to authority within 24 hours and within 1 week of diagnosis
5.Prevention of the spread of dengue-method,preparation before fogging,fogging mixture,equipments etc.
6.Things that a community nurse do during home visits
7.Recycle plastic bags-types,colour
8.Steps taken in a Needle prick injury
9.Expanded scope programme for health clinic


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