Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Critical vs cynical

Serious hari yg penat.Went to hospital at 7am.Do necessary stuffs such as taking blood and updating patients info regarding blood test and PE.Followed the ward round with Dr Rosman.Bombarded by him with a lot of questions.Siap soalan physiology pasal Virchow's triad pun ditanya tadi sebab gatal sangat nak gune term 'laminar flow' and 'turbulence flow of blood'.

Had bedside teaching with Prof Rashid just now.Hannan presented a case about bilateral leg swelling in a patient with poorly controlled DM.Again, bombarded with lots and lots of question.Dari history taking,PE,Investigation sampai la ke management of patient.

Later on that day, had TBL session with yet again Prof Rashid.Tajuk 'Cough,Fever and Sputum'.Again, bombarded with questions.Siap prof ketuk ketuk meja lagi.

One thing really important that I learn today is that as a doctor we should not do things blindly.We should not have this tunnel vision mind set.We should think,think and think.Do not simply do things because it is routinely done.I like all the teaching session today becoz they teach us on how to think.How to solve case.They prepare us for the real working environment as a doctor.Like prof said, teaching how to do physical examination is easy but teaching how to think is far more difficult.

ps: Think critically not cynically

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