Monday, April 13, 2009


Yup....u heard it right mister, ITS HOLIDAY~!!! Its only a week holiday, but who cares...I need all the sleep that I can get.Plus, its going to be my last posting this semester-Internal Medicine.For that, there will b a lot of things to revise.Yes, revision honey.Preclinical stuffs!

Cardiovascular system
Respiratory system
Urinary system
Gastrointestinal tract system
Musculoskeletal system

Im goin to concentrate only on CVS,Neuro and Urinary system for the time being inshaAllah.

Happy holidays everyone~~~=) =) =)

Note1: By the way, the semester break after Internal Med will b shortened to only 1 month instead of 2 =( .We have to carry out a research paper for 1 month.Prior to that, we will b having a posting named 'Research and Evidence Based Medicine' for 1 monthDuring this posting, we will be taught on how to do a proper research paper, journal appraisal and stuff.I'm actually excited and sad at the same time.Life is indeed confusing...

Note2: My internal supervisor is a Paediatrician...surprise surprise! I still have about 2 weeks before submitting my research proposal.I still cant think of any interesting research topic...sigh


Hafiz said...

hey, i'm an a-level student studying kat UK right now, found your blog by google.. just wanna say that it helps a lot! you see i'm undecided abt my career, and i've been contemplating medicine for a long time.
dr musa at the damansara specialist hospital has been showing me stuffs like mastectomy and c-section these past few days to help me decide (that was how i found your blog), but i was still concerned bout ppl saying how horrible med school and housemanship is, especially in Malaysia. So reading your surprisingly UNdepressing posts just made me more optimistic about being a medic. :)

N a b i L said...

Dr Musa Nordin? He is my lecturer..a great neonatologist that he is...Nway, Salam tell u the truth medicine is tough.U've got to be strong physically and mentally.Tahan kena bomb.Tahan kena kritik.Tahan kena hina.The situation in the UK probably is not as bad in Msia.I think wht is most important is that once u decided to go for Medicine, uve juz go to go for it.There is no turning back.Never ever menyesal.Byk ke best-annye.As a Muslim, we get to buat and kumpul pahala.For me, I gain satisfaction juz by seeing patients recover.Dari lemah longlai pastu bleh terus berlari.The best moment is when they thank u,mintak autograf(In paeds!)and ajak dtg rumah.Its undeniably stressfull, but the rewards and satisfaction are immeasurable in the end.Buat la solat istikharah,semoga Allah bantu hang! nway, this is my email.u can emel me if u want to ask anythg ciaoo~