Friday, October 31, 2008

Down again with URTI

I had 2 bedside teaching yesterday, in the morning with Dr Faizah and in the afternoon with Dr R. We did a few short cases with few patients in the ward.I had to examine a hyperactive girl and and who obviously not cooperative as one of my short cases.Gile stress.Dahla specialist garang and kuat membebel.
Went to the NICU again later in the evening(Baik jugak Dr R ni rupenye siap ajak pergi NICU lepas tu).Examined 2 babies.One with Patent Ductus Arteriosus.Examined him and found that he has Continuous murmur( aka Machinery heart murmur), best heard at the infraclavicular region with bounding pulse,exactly like in the textbook!Second baby had Acidotic breathing (aka Kussmaul breathing).He is critically ill.
I'm having sore throat with coryzal symptoms.The paediatric ward is full with viruses!

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