Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's only my 3rd week of posting but I am already suffering.Initially you thought that paediatrician are motherly and caring but in actgual fact they are totally the opposite.I know that u have a 16 yrs of experience of becoming a Dr and paediatrician.Jgn laa nk compare your ilmu with my ilmu.Baru 3 minggu in Paeds.
I had two bedside teaching today, one with Dr Faizah yg baik and another with Dr R yg kuat gile membebel.Has been selected randomly by her to present long case.I dont know why but she always makes me her target.My history was okay except for a few loop holes here and there.Normal lah kan? Didnt know that thee Feeding history as well as Child develpmental history must be THAT detail!!??? Kena tau how the mother prepare the milk, put the water first or the susu tepung later or vice versa,how many ounce, how many times per day, is it full of half-a bottle, when do you start to introduce formula milk, what brand, any allergic reaction,why that brand, when does the baby started to weened?If yes, wht kind of food,semi solid food?nestum? how many times per day? what do you give in the morning,afternoon and evening etc.Haish...blom masuk other history lagi...
Patients are so uncooperative.They will start to cry or run around once you approach them.Or they will start to make noise and monkey-ing around when you are doing the physical examination.Not to mention where there was this one episode when a baby started to sneeze right at my face while I was auscultating!It drains down all the energy and your patience.Seriously the Paediatric Clinic is just like any pasar malam in KL.

In short, Paediatrics is Kenerakaan dan sangat Leceh!I will never become a Paediatrician.A big NO NO

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