Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yes, today I wud like to talk about ringtones,particularly the ones that the specialists have.
In surgery, surgeons have been labeled as straightforward, no hanky-panky kind of person and will not hesitate to scold you.That's what I thought INTIALLY.I have encountered a few this type of surgeon during my previous clinical posting.They are more relax, cool in nature with non-radiating anger.They will scold you there and then and right after that, all is forgotten and forgiven.They might look stern,but all that image that you have for them were shattered once you listen to their ringtones.And so I have decided to judge them based on their ringtones! haha
Some of their bizarre ringtones are
Dr(Miss) A = A frog which sounded like he is about to puke.Its so funny and little bit annoying when you listen it during the operation.

Dr(Mr) H = A disco song! A cool and alim person with a disco kinda ringtone.Beats me!

In paediatrics...

Dr N = "Touch My Body" by Mariah carey.I mean like wow! I gaggle each time when her phone rings.She is in her 50's (so I persumed) but she certainly is berjiwa muda!Did I mention that she is using a new iPhone too???

Dr H = A song called 'My heart' by Acha Sep...whatever tu. She is garang and persistent PMS-ing.I never thought that she wud have this ringtone, its so contradictory with her personality!And yes, she uses a new iPhone too.Whats with the iPhones??? Apparently people in the paediatric department love iPhone so much.What they got a subsidy for it ar?

Anyway, dont get me wrong.All of them are nice, orelse they wont become a doctor in the first place.It takes a little bit of effort to get to know them.Know what to ask, how to ask and when to ask...

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