Monday, October 27, 2008


Sometimes we need to sacrifice in order to be good.I notice that I am still lacking in terms of my physical examination.Therefore, I sms-ed Dr Faizah and asked her whether I could join her ward round this Sunday.And she replied that I could join her.And so last Sunday I drove to Hopsital Serdang from my house in Cheras just to follow her ward rounds.It took 4 hours just to cover 2 wards; the 5A and 5B.I had to examined the babies and present my findings.No she didnt ask the houseman but me to do the examining.I was quite intimidated at first, sape lah aku hanyalah seorg medical student.But I improved later.Dats what I like about her.She will ask YOU to examine the patients for her.And she will teach you if you do wrong.I intend to do the same next weekend.

Some interesting cases
1. A child with acute Stridor
2.A child with measles- first time tgk

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