Friday, October 17, 2008

Those cute cuddly little babies

Yes, I just completed my first week of Paediatrics posting in Hospital Serdang.My impression: A bit boring compared to Surgery.URTI, Asthma, diarrhoea and a few other common illnesses.Thats it so far.Not too interesting for me I guess.
I like those little babies and kids.There were no problems in clerking their history from the parents.The parents are very helpful and will always try their very best to provide us with satisfactory answers.They are not too protective with their child and will assist us during physical examination.However, the tough part is when you actually want to do physical examination on babies.Kids are okay.But babies, phew, really a headache.Sometimes, they will start crying by just seeing the white coat that we wear.Occasionally I had to open my labcoat and not wearing it while in front of them.This is what we called "the white coat syndrome".Some countries like in the UK, it is highly discouraged to wear white coat while in the paediatric ward.It makes your life miserable when your patients starts to cry.
In paediatrics, we had to bring our own rattler, wood blocks and some soft toys.They are meant to attract attention but most importantly to assess development of the child.It is part of the history taking andphysical examination.The history taking and physical examination is significantly different from Surgery.In history taking, paediatric history is added.They consist things such as Antenatal,neonatal history,Immunization, Feeding and weening history,developmental history which consist of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech and vision and also social skill.I'm still learning in getting a good history.
I'm really missing Surgery so much!

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