Monday, October 20, 2008


Today is like finally I got to know the difference between crepitations,ronchi,wheezing,vesicular breath sound and bronchial breath sound.It's really frustrating to just read from the book but unable to differentiate it in a real practice.Had a bedside teaching with one of the Paediatrician,Dr Faizah.I presented a long case to her just know.History taking was good, although I need to reorganize my points so that it make more sense.Did a few short cases as well on respiratory systems.I learned on how to present my findings for respiratory system in a a short but systematic way.Dr Faizah and us had to go from one patient to another patient because each patient had different signs.I am really really glad that finally I get to know the difference!Its hard to just read from the book.We also discuss the case and try to colerate it with chest X-ray findings.

I have another bedside teaching with her tomorrow morning.Need to do some reading.Not forgeting that my group have to give a lecture during our TBL session on the Development with Dr Rohaizah at 2.30pm.
Just checked my email and guess what I received 5 emails from my mentor Datuk Dr Musa Nordin...Why!!?? banyaknye kerja nk kena setel.Makan chocolate waffle je hari ni.I'm hungry

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Anonymous said...

salam..hi quite impressed when reading ur entry by entry...u r like a final year student!! btw..could u teach me how to take history in paed?