Monday, November 24, 2008


HIP stands for Health Intervention Programme.The goal is to promote health and to reveal the findings in a community regarding their health.It is a must thing to do for every group during their Public Health posting, and last Sunday was group 4's turn to organized it.As usual, many batchmates will come to help and support them.This time it was held in Kota Warisan,Sepang.

Monkey-ing around is certainly another way to help them

There are many posters that shows the public regarding their state of health ( or anything relating to their health for that matter!)

Tengokla tu, ada aktiviti menconteng tangan dan muka budak-budak

Teaching the public regarding the basic first aid stuff

See, ada akak yang mengajar mcm mana nk rescue baby

As usual, like in any other health project a medical check up booth is a must.I 'happily' volunteered myself to man the physical examination booth.Tak check ape pun, just practice on my physical examination skills je, patient kan ramai :P

Ada akak yang ajar cara-cara pemeriksaan payu dara dekat makcik-makcik

Hmm bersungguh-sungguh ye rupenya mereka semua itu

All these will be part of the Public Health final exam assessment which constitute for ONLY 20%!!!!!Penat penat je tapi dapat 20 percent je!

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