Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Ups and Down

Medical school is really tough.Only a fit and strong person will survive throughout med school.The amount of work is unthinkable.The amount of emotional stress is another thing.Gosh, why do I want to become a doctor in the first place?Anyway, I really hope I could renew my niat.Doctor is Allah's personafication of mercy.Satisfaction is guaranteed.God will repay me in the hereafter,inshaAllah.
I really think that the ward round is too long.Average is 4 hours everyday.Not to mention thenumber of hours that we need to be in the hospital everyday.Usually I came at 7.30am and go back at 6pm.Sometimes, it can go up to 11pm.
At last, Adik A my dengue patient was discharged yesterday.He requested for my autograph and my phone number as well as my email.He said he want to keep in touch with me, telling me about his progress in school.So cute.These are the things that money could not buy.The satisfaction.I felt great.
Presented my long case today to the head department of paediatrics.I got 7/10.Alhamdulillah.Never thought that I would get that kind of mark.You see, Paediatric history taking is so detail.All of the specialists in the hospital expect us to be able to clerk as well as present a good history.90 percent of the diagnosis were made from history taking.What a loong day today.Had TBL about approach to respiratory distress, then later after Friday prayer we had Bioethics class.
I spent the whole day yesterday in the Damansara Specialist Hospital Dr Musa's bedside teaching.In the morning, we were in the nursery where all the newborns were kept.He asked us to examine a few neonates and tell him our findings.The babies are so fragile.We had todophysical examination of the newborn from top to the bottom
Its not that hard really.The only annoying part is when they start to cry.We then spend the rest of the day in his clinic.

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