Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things that you MUST have

These two books are essential.a must have.I've been scolded once for using that Sunflower book and eventually I have found the reason.That book is nice because its colourful and have lots of illustrations, however it lacks information.Sunflower book is not the kind of book for examination.Initially , I thought the book was sufficient but midposting exam result proved it otherwise.In short, please use Nelson coz it is known as the bible of Paediatrics.For clinical, plz use Hutchison's.

Every posting is unique and different.They are somewhat different in certain aspects.Paediatrics for example, are known to have a very detail history taking.Sampai cara-cara nak buat susu formula dalam botol pun kena tahu.There are certain things that a medical student need to bring while in the ward.There are also things that are prohibited in the ward, for example textbook!Below are the things that are always with me while in the ward.

ID card

Soft toy.I have a mickey mouse as my mate.He helps me when I'm trying to build a good rappot with my patients.A child will open up to you easily after you have played with them.They become more cooperative and it helps when doing physical examination.

Toys.In paediatrics, toys are essential not only to divert your patient's attention but it also used to assess the development and milestones of a child.That is why we need blocks,legos and also drawing pad.We can use these item in order to determine whether a child is growing appropriately or not.This must be included as part of your history of your patient and must be mention during case presentation.In developmental history,we assess 4 areas:

-Gross motor skill

-Hearing and Fine motor skill

-Speech and verbal skill

-Psychosocial skill
I have an ample stock of toys at home coz I have a 5 yr old brother.I can always take whichever toys I want, without asking his permission first!

Tendon hammer.Is used to check for reflexes.The tip is used when trying to elicit the Babinski reflex

Measuring tape.Is used during physical examination for measuring the liver span.Is also used to measure any swellings or visible mass. Initially, I have refused to bring a measuring tape and prefer to use a ruler instead.But oneday, a surgeon asked me ' Why you didnt have a measuring tape? Oooo Its a girly thingy is it to have one? When I was a medical student I used to have this and that bla bla bla'

Growth charts! Yes, this is essential in paediatrics.Assessing the weight, height and head circumference of a child is part of the anthropometric assessment.Vital in determining whether patients are growing adequately

Penlight, A pen and a small notebook.Notebook is used to jotdown important points during clerking the patient's history.Penlight is used during physical examination.No textbook in the ward please!

Stethoscope. There's a teddy bear clinging on it.It helps to have lots and lots of toys during paediatrics.I call this teddy bear 'Mr Teddy the attention seeker'.He can help in diverting my patient's attention while auscultating.

My group presented a TBL topic named "Assessment of a child with congenital heart disease".I'm just glad that specialist did not bebel-ed us too much!

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