Monday, November 24, 2008

Trisomy 18

My group had a bedside teaching today with Dr Rohaizah.But this time it was held in the NICU.We had to examine two neonates as for our short cases before presenting 2 long cases to her.The first neonate is a Trisomy 18 baby and the other one was Hirschprung's disease.

This baby have many trisomy18 features- hypotelorism, triangular shape face, prominent occiput, overlapping of fingers, clinodactyly etc.This baby is also having ASD and PDA with continuous murmur best heard at the left infraclavicular region grade 4.

I love the incubator.It feels warm once your hand is inside it.Can I have one? This baby had a lot of wires and tubes around and into him.Nasal prong, brannula,BP cuff, Oxygen probe, ECG electrode on the chest, Orogastric feeding tube name it!Lemas gile hidup

This machine is super canggih.I wonder how much one incubator costs!


roi said...

where is the part yg grup kite kene marah sbb sume nak examine tu?

N a b i L said...

Part tu takyah cerita la Roi.Posting ni dipenuhi dgn marah n bebel somehow kite sume tough, tak kisah dh kena marah camne pun.buat muke tebal je haha