Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sometimes I made myself scared to death, especially when I think that I have woken up late.This morning my kakak woke me up at 5.45am because I need to be in DSH (Damansara specialist hospital) at 7 am for my bedside teaching with Dr Musa Nordin the Neonatologist.Anyway, to cut the story short, I woke up late this morning.It was 6.20 am.Yes I tertidur balik after that.Mind you, its Sunday morning and thats the best time to sleep.No need to worry about anything during the weekends.And so I managed to get ready within 10 minutes time(mandi pun tak basah sgt kut) and Super Subuh, and after having a sip of tea and a karipap I'm off to D'sara.I was lucky that the traffic was smooth and I have arrived on time.Dr Musa arrived at 7.10am.Yeay!

Today we learn many things about neonatology, a branch of medicine dealing with the newborns.The babies are so tiny, some of them is only as big as your palm.I SWEAR to god that I would have easily crushed them with my hands if I were not careful.We saw and discuss a case of a baby who was born 3 days ago and almost had a thing called "Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy" .Her APGAR score was only 2/10!She was in a mess after a failed vacuumed SVD(Spontaneous vaginal delivery).We discuss her Obs record,how to do physical examination (PE)of a neonate,things to look for during assessment, her complications, things to expect, how to manage her, how to calculate her fluid intake etc.We also learn on how to assess a premature baby, ie-signs to look for during PE.

Later, Dr Musa belanja-ed us for breakfast - me, Hannan and Fizie and we talk about our schools.Dato' Dr Musa is one of the most famous Neonatologist in Malaysia.He is also the president of Federation of Islamic Medical Association and The Honorary Treasurer of the Malaysian Paediatric Association.He is a proud ex-KGV Seremban and was an English Debater.When being asked,'Dr, did you win the debates?" He replied' OF COURSE".Muke serious takleh blah! haha

After the breakfast we followed him to his business rounds and saw a few patients.I admire his profesionalism.He knows how to approach the parents and the kids(ie the patients) both at the same time.Both of them needs different approach.All I can say is that life as a private consultant is way much less stressful than Government.I still have a looong way to go in order to reach his level.I definitely will go the private sector, that is a sure thing!
There was this one time during the ward rounds that Dr Musa asked me,Hannan and Fizie to demonstrate to him the types of audible respiratory sound ie wheezing, stridor, snoring, expiratory grunting etc. Luckily there was nobody at the corridor at that particular time, orelse they would think that we are a bunch of monkeys trying to imitate peculiar sounds!

A Radiologist came to us and ask us to review this CT scan.He said 'This is a good CT scan finding coz they usually ask you during your exam, so plz see ar".Anyway, this CT scan shows Multiple brain lesions over the frontal and parietal region with vasogenic oedema.Its a secondary metastases of a lung cancer.

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