Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just another day in the hospital

Paediatric Ward 5 B

In the morning

-Clerked and examined a few patients

-Bedside teaching with Dr Hafiza the Paediatician.Our practical class for assessing developmental milestones of child in a proper way.Bawak laa mainan byk gile, but most of them did not meet the right criteria :p

In the afternoon

-Had Clinicopathological conference with Dr Musa.We presented a quite number of interesting cases that we saw for the past one week bothwhile in Hospital Serdang and Damansara Specialist Hospital.They are Haemolytic-uraemic syndrome, Status Epilepticus, Autism(I presented this case), Infant of a diabetic mother and Haemophilia A. It was interesting that Dr Musa wanted us to share our own views and experience on the case and not only about the academic part of the case.

-A few interesting cases seen today in the ward: A patient suspected of having either viral myositis or Gullain-Barre syndrome.Had ascending limb weakness and urinary incontinence.Quite a number of Dengue cases and meningoencephalitis


-Ward round as usual

- TBL on Paediatric Emergency

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